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Robinson Hoover & Fudge Representative Clients

Robinson Hoover & Fudge, PLLC, represents creditors and debt purchasers nationwide which have delinquent accounts in

Oklahoma, and the firm is a recognized authority in both collection litigation and post judgment collection law in Oklahoma.

The firm litigates consumer collection lawsuits in all 77 Oklahoma county district courts.

Contact our law firm to learn how we can help with your collection actions.

Representing Creditors and Debt Buyers in Oklahoma

Our clients include a wide range of creditors and debt buyers, including automobile finance companies, banks and other lenders. The following is a representative list of our clients:

  • The Oklahoma Bar Association

  • Bank of Oklahoma

  • MidFirst Bank

  • First Fidelity Bank

  • Frontier State Bank

  • Agency of Credit Control

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • American Credit Acceptance

  • HMC Financial Company

  • MAJR Financial Corporation

  • B & F Finance Corporation

  • Coastal Credit, LLC

  • Westminster School

  • E-Z Auto Finance, Inc.

  • Eldorado Motors

  • The State of Oklahoma (OU Physicians)

  • DaimlerChrysler Truck Financial

  • Cornerstone Acceptance Corporation

  • Account Management Resources, Inc.

  • Oklahoma Motor Credit Company

  • Professional Finance Company Inc

  • Century Financial Group

  • United Auto Credit Corporation

  • Dealers’ Finance Company, LLC

  • Dakota Financial, LLC

  • Prism Financial Services

  • Express Credit Auto, Inc.

  • Auto Advantage Finance, Inc.

  • Auto Finance USA, LLC

  • Credit Connection Auto Sales

  • Dependable Auto Finance, Inc.

  • National Credit Systems, Inc.

  • First Investors Services Corporation

  • Quest Financial, LLC

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