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Oklahoma Vehicle Loan Collection Lawyers

Vehicle loans in Oklahoma will always be evidenced by a signed written agreement between the seller and the debtor, and therefore such loans have a five-year statute of limitations from the date of the last voluntary payment by the debtor or if it is a first payment default, five years from the date the first payment was due.

Venue for a lawsuit on a vehicle loan in Oklahoma can either be in the county where any debtor resides or in the county in which the claim arose (i.e. where the vehicle was sold). If you need representation in collecting automotive loans, our lawyers at Robinson Hoover & Fudge, PLLC, can be of assistance. Contact our Oklahoma City law firm for more information.

Representing Automotive Lenders Throughout Oklahoma

Collection of delinquent motor vehicle loans comprises more than one-half of the firm’s collection practice. Our law firm represents local, regional and national automotive lenders

When a vehicle is recovered by the creditor through either voluntary return or by repossession, the Oklahoma Uniform Commercial Code (OUCC) requires that before a creditor can pursue a deficiency, the creditor must have:

  • Mailed a notice to the debtor prior to the sale of the vehicle

  • Mailed a notice of deficiency after the vehicle is sold

Our firm’s attorneys have done extensive research on both the OUCC and Oklahoma case law to accurately review whether our client’s presale and post-sale notices fully comply with the requirements of the OUCC.

When a vehicle is not recovered by the creditor, the creditor has no obligation to send any notices to the debtor prior to pursuing the indebtedness owed under the contract. Further, the creditor may both seek the full indebtedness owed under the contract and retain a security interest in the motor vehicle depending upon the purchase price of such vehicle.

Our attorneys can assist you with your vehicle loan collections, credit card debt collections and all other collection matters.

Get the Help You Need With Your Vehicle Loan Collection Matters

For sound advice and dedicated representation concerning your collection issues, contact Robinson Hoover & Fudge, PLLC


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