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Utilizing Advanced Collection Technology in Oklahoma

The firm utilizes the Cogent collection and case management software from AgreeYa Solutions. Cogent is nationally recognized as one of the most sophisticated, advanced debt collection software systems specifically designed for collection law firms.

Cogent enables our law firm to manage the complexity of today’s collection industry with flexibility. Cogent’s powerful Rules Engine reduces the risk of human error and delay with conditions and actions that help define, evaluate and perform processes, while increasing the consistency and accuracy of every account. Cogent’s comprehensive end-to-end case management solutions ensure our client’s cases are managed consistently, effectively and in compliance with client and regulatory requirements.

Cogent allows the firm to move files from inception to judgment to post judgment collection quickly, efficiently and automatically. It enables the firm to continuously electronically skip trace accounts through multiple web-based databases to locate employments, residences and bank accounts. Our clients can remotely access their accounts to review the status and progress of litigation and collection. Our law firm’s system limits each client’s access to only that client’s accounts, thereby ensuring privacy for all clients of the firm.

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